Tuesday, November 18, 2008

please take me here immediately

edited to add: Jeannette from Snackreligious tells me that "It is no longer a bakery", just a comics store.

I'm crushed.

NOT that "just a comics store' is anything to sneeze at. It's just that I have never imagined a business that didn't include a bakery.. at least a cafe. Bookstore/bakery. bed+breakfast/bakery. church/bakery (seriously.) (Church of the Savior has a lunch counter in downtown DC. With a bookstore!)


Jennette said...

Come visit! That is in my neighborhood.

Jennette said...

Except - I should warn you - it is just a comic books shop. It is no longer a bakery. But there is one nearby!

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

I submit to you the kid-friendly beer/wine bar with a bakery: Parkside in northeast Baltimore.