Monday, November 10, 2008

This will come in handy later.

I was balancing the laptop on the arm of the comfy chair, looking up interfaith stuff on the web, and Ian was doing his twirly dance between my feet. Suddenly my screen dimmed.

Me: Ian, did you unplug mommy?
Ian: I didn't unplug you, Mommy.
Me, tracing the wire: You did! You unplugged me by accident, see? You knocked this plug out of the hole.
Ian: Ooops. Sorry, Mommy.
Me: It's okay, but you must remember never to unplug Mommy and Daddy. That'll be important.

I actually got him to raise his right hand and promise.
"I promise never to unplug Mommy and Daddy."

That's legally binding, right?


Stacie said...

Sean's all about the "can I unplug you now? Your light's green!"

(P.S. My MacBook Pro is not acting very pro-like anymore. Rusty says its firmware. I say just snapping off with no advance warning, regardless of battery level, is just rude.)

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

It's only legally binding in California and Massachusetts, of course.

Anonymous said...

I want to be unplugged.

betsy said...

That's a Ramones song, right?