Wednesday, November 05, 2008

5 min chocolat cake: The results


It's not exactly like cake, but not totally different, either - maybe more like plum pudding in texture (sproingy around the outside, very moist inside where the melted chocolate is.) The body of the cake itself was moist and eggy but not very flavorful and not noticeably chocolate-y, despite the cocoa. I wonder if some aggressive spicing, like with cinnamon/allspice, might make that better.

I HATE it when baked goods are warmed in the microwave, because when they cool, they can become so leathery as to be inedible. I was afraid that this would be the downfall of this recipe, but it's not - I guess because it had never been baked to begin with - the texture doesn't change much as it cools, which is good.

I couldn't eat the whole serving. About a third of one, with a good glob of lightly-sweetened whipped cream, could be a very passable dessert. And certainly a good basis for experiments.


Stacie said...

Before I forget, I absolutely loved being called "my dude." Makes me laugh and sounds more fun than "my friend."

Also? "Sproingy" is my new word of the week. So many applications, so little time...

Thank you so much for your love and support. I'm losing my f-ing mind.

Katy V. said...

This is incredibly dangerous and I will try it tomorrow.