Saturday, November 22, 2008

Okay, first of all, I would like to protest that THAT LAST POST about Scrooge and Love Actually etc etc was definately created after midnight. That was today's post, people. This is just wrong.

Second, have I mentioned my intense dislike for this woman?

Oh my, I do not like her at all.

I am not in the habit of hating random people on television - I figure that I am not the target market for most shows, and so, when a professional presenter is in some way distasteful, I barely notice. Even on shows I love, I can overlook a great deal - for example, the presence of Nina Garcia (Stacie knows why I am snickering.) But this tells me that she has authored 13 cookbooks! That she went to the Le Cordon Bleu!

All I know is, I just saw her make a drink that involved hot apple cider, bourbon, mulling spices and... COOL WHIP.

Seriously? Come on, Food Network - Seriously?! Really, seriously?

(I want to say that I'm not a snob, at least not a very convincing one. I have enjoyed my share of Cool Whip through the years. But seriously - even if you care nothing about weird fats, or about flavor - non-dairy whipped topping in a hot clear liquid is a bad idea. )


Jennette said...

I do not like her at all, either. But I feel a little bad about disliking her with such passion. Her beverages often send me over the edge.

Dawn Fortune said...

Agreed. What is her show? "almost home made" or something like that? It's a show for shortcuts and fake food. Give me Paula Deen, a deep-fryer and some gravy and I'm a happy girl. Cool Whip? That's an emergency summer dessert ingredient when you don't want real whipped cream to go sour in the hot sun at a picnic. In a HOT drink? Wouldn't it separate out into its original, completely un-natural chemical compounds? Ewie!

And I think there ought to be a law against the gratuitous use of lemons and sunshine decals. Urk.

betsy said...

"In a HOT drink? Wouldn't it separate out into its original, completely un-natural chemical compounds?"

YES, she has made a living off "Semi-Homemade" concept, and she's the one who tapes her cooking show wearing a variety of fitted WHITE t-shirts. Please.

And yes, that little science experiment was precisely what I was imagining.

Dawn Fortune said...

yeah. people who cook while wearing white (aside from professional pastry chefs) are fakers. Period. Not to be trusted. Ever.
Cook Whip in hot drinks... sheesh.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

"Cool Hwip."
"Why do you do that?"
"Do what?"
"Put the emphasis on the 'h'."
"I do not!"
Say it again."
"Cool Hwip."

Stacie said...

Nina... ::hee::

So since we're both having sucktastic weeks dealing with death and funerals and suffering the loss of people we love? I've been so homesick for Maryland and you and Deedie and Ashley and Sherri and the people who mirror Christ to me. I'm sure there are mirrors here (and I've seen them this week) but man... I miss you guys.

Jadefeminist said...

Not sure why she qualifies for FoodTV. OTOH, it's not as bad as DH's aunt's recipe for lemon cookies made with 2 ingredients. Lemon cake mix and cool whip. I refuse to even try them.