Sunday, February 22, 2009

Fair warning:

Just wanted to mention that I won't be blogging during March. Blogging and Facebook are what I am fasting from for Lent this year.

Because I really love them. Much more than I love chocolate, or swearing, or making snarky judgements about strangers based on their outfits. (I have given all these things up for Lent at various times. The last one really made a change in my life - not that I never make snarky judgements anymore, but it is far, far from the reflex it used to be. Seriously.)

AND since I have a Wednesday night service to prepare for (and, like so many holiday services, IT IS NOT WRITING OR COORDINATING ITSELF, to my grave frustration) it's possible that you won't see another recipe, American Idol critique, book review, entertaining conversation with a 3-year-old, or photo of something lying in the street until April.

No, I really don't know what I'm going to do with myself. I'm trying NOT to make a plan for filling the time, but just see what it's like to go without this - without this outlet, and without you all.

I want to do it because I REALLY don't want to do it. You know?


Dawn Fortune said...

Oof! That is a tall order indeed! Good luck with the lessons you hope to learn. I will miss you in your absence.

Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

Well, if you're giving up blogging for Lent, how about Fastnachts Blogging tomorrow? Or just Shrove Tuesday blogging? Hey, are the Dutch Markets open for Fastnacht Day?

betsy said...

Sandy - they're not, as far as I know. We are going over to someone's apartment for pancakes, though.

When I tell people about Fastnacht day, they get really excited. Dutch food traditions are pretty excellent, I must say. (I wanted to have saurkraut on New Years Day, but I can't remember if I found any.)