Thursday, February 05, 2009

guess it happened.

okay, so who remembers my Halloween post, where I wrote about the triceratops costume I designed and made ON THE 31ST?

Which my kid would not wear?

Who remembers that one of my dear friends was skeptical in the comments? "Pics or it didn't happen," he wrote, echoing the spirit of the age.

He wears it around town - not daily, but a couple of times a month, he comes down the stairs wearing it over his clothes. They've seen it at the bank, at the dry cleaners...this was taken outside the Columbia library last Friday.

I think the coat makes it much, much funnier.


Dawn said...

your right, the coat does makt it funnier! Thanks for posting!

Dawn Fortune said...

Oh. My. God.

That is so amazingly cute! What a great costume! I am profoundly impressed. Wow. I can weld, but THAT was waaaaaaayyyyyyy more creative! My hat is off to you!

Jadefeminist said...

This totally made my day!!!

When Joey was 3 years old, he wore his jedi cloak as his everyday jacket. When he was 4, he shaved his head and had a Padawan tail.

I would love to see a mom with pink hair walking around with a dinosaur during grocery shopping. :)

betsy said...

Basically, it's a hood, a wide strip hanging down the back (with those same triangular spines), and a stuffed tail. Originally, it was a hooded pullover with tsil, but that freaked him out too much, so I cut it down.

He's taller than he was in October! The tail dragged on the ground then!

Another good feature - there's enough ease for him to pull his tail into his lap for a ride in the car.

Thanks, everyone.