Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Spot The Worship Leader, round 2

Last time I watched American Idol, I picked Fat Chris (I'm really sorry, I know not everyone likes the F word...but there were 2 Chrises in the top 12, and Curly-haired Chris just wasn't good shorthand. And if I said The Cute One, I'd be the only one who knew what I meant.) He was my favorite contestant, both musically and personality-wise. And of course he's a worship leader.

In this season's auditions, to which I did not pay much attention but had on in the background while I wasted time on Facebook, I did pick a favorite contestant: Danny Gokey from Minneapolis.

And yes, tonight he mentioned that he's a music director at a church.

Why yes, I can spot 'em in a crowd.

I like a worship leader who has a little Robert Downey Jr. vibe.

1 comment:

stephy said...

OMG I know! I smelled the worship leader on him and when they confirmed it I was so proud!