Thursday, February 19, 2009

I think this is just excellent.

By Carl Willat, at Shot on his PDA.

A couple of years ago. I had an on-line conversation about Trader Joe's - this might have been as long ago as my LiveJournal days - where Natasha and I agreed that shopping at our local TJ's made us feel kind of uneasy. I used to feel like I was taking up too much room in the aisles when I shopped there, like I was impeding the flow of the other shoppers. (And, incidentally, eating delicious natural foods apparently does not make you nicer or more patient. Not reliably, anyway. Didn't work for me. and evidently doesn't work for people who shop at TJs.)

I'm pleased to report that a new TJs has opened in the intervening years, which is closer to me and A LITTLE LARGER. The aisles are wider. And I no longer feel like a bull in a little-mesh-bag-of-avocados shop.


Alexander D. Mitchell IV said...

But your local Trader Joe's in Maryland doesn't sell wine and vodka, now, does it?

Stacie said...

I love little mesh bags of avacados. And could probably eat them all in one sitting if I tried not-very-hard. Mmmmmm..... creamy, green goodness.

TeamDandy said...

Yeah, and have you tried those "dried bull penises done up in a braid?" HA! That was awesome.

betsy said...

sandy, no, and Diane, NO.

I don't think I have ever been down the dog treat aisle. (Our cats have not benefited at all from our 'trying to eat better' trend. They still get the same old Sam's Club chow in the mammoth bag.)

Stacie, mine never get ripe at the same time. And a good thing, too!